We are cofounders with added perks

We bring more than just capital. We help you build a minimum viable product, find product-market fit and accelerate growth.

Why DLabs

We help you build a product and find product-market fit

A great product is the only way to achieve long-term growth. As cofounders we help you take those crucial initial steps that can have a remarkable impact on your curve of success.

Build a minimum viable product (MVP)

Having a great product is the key to startup success. Our team can design and code your minimum viable product (MVP) in days / weeks.

Find product-market fit

We help you talk to users and watch them use your product, identify what parts need improvement, and then make your product better.

Accelerate startup funding

We provide introductions to hand-picked angel investors and venture capital firms, a wide network of mentors, and access to top-notch technology providers that can save you thousands of dollars in services and licenses.

What our founders say about us

“You’re going to get more than just a dev studio. You are going to get business partners and mentors.”

Remy Meraz

Founder @The Zenith
Get started right

Surround your startup with world-class expertise

Top talent

By choosing a Startup Studio as your cofounder, you instantly access a team of highly specialized / experienced entrepreneurs hard to attract at such an early stage.

Diversified skill-set

Finding product-market fit requires a combination of very diverse skills: UX/UI, development, user acquisition, etc.

Our team can bring all those at a fraction of the cost as compared to joining a single individual.


Scale time and effort as needed at different stages of the company life. Need to ship that product sooner? Let’s put more man-power on it and get it done sooner.

Proud of our founders

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application period?

We accept applications on a rolling basis to give everyone a chance to apply when they feel ready.

When will I hear back?

We try our best to respond to all applications quickly. But as you can imagine, reviewing decks and applications from a multitude of companies takes time. Please be patient while we look through your materials.

Do we have to incorporate before applying?

No, but you'll need to incorporate before moving ahead if you're accepted.

Will you sign an NDA? How do I know you won't steal my idea?

In general, no we won't sign an NDA. No investor would at such an early stage. That said, our Engagement Letter includes specific sections to fully protect your IP and confidentiality.

Why was I not accepted?

We do our best to explain our rationale when not accepting a company, but sometimes there just isn't a single clear reason. Given our model, we only work with an extremely limited number of companies at a time to make sure each one gets all the attention it requires.

Of course, that means that many companies are not accepted, and sometimes tough decisions need to be made on which ones to accept.

Can I apply again?

Of course, we welcome you to apply again if you were not accepted previously. Let us know how things have changed/progressed since the last time.

We've already launched a product or have been working on our startup for a while. Should we apply?

Absolutely. We work with both Pre-Seed and Post-Seed companies up to Series A funding. If you have already raised capital and are looking for help to scale, please check out our Growth section or reach out directly.

Do you work with Pre-Seed companies only? What if I already raised funds?

As a Startup Innovation Lab (aka Venture Studio), we work with early-stage companies from Pre-Seed to Series A. For Pre-Seed companies, we invest and act as co-founders; for Growth companies we act as early employees.

Will you accept companies with competing ideas?

Yes. There's usually no reason that there can't be multiple products on the market in a particular space. We definitely won't share ideas or secrets between the competing companies, and we will provide both companies with all the attention they need to grow.

Does my product have to be technical?

In general, yes. But that is not a requirement. Apply and we can discuss whether working together makes sense.

What if I already have a technical co-founder?

That's totally fine. We can still help you with additional development resources and by assisting with design, growth and scaling the team.

How much do I have to invest?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Each company we work with is different. If you are accepted, we will discuss your company's status and future roadmap in order to come to an agreement over investment and equity requirements.

How much equity do you take?

It really depends. Anywhere from <1% to 35% depending on the team, company and stage.

Do you invest in your startups?

Yes, but not right away and not in all of them. Because we typically get involved at such an early stage, we do not provide capital immediately. Instead we provide access to top quality development and growth at a fraction of the cost as well as many other benefits. However, once you have launched and go to raise a round, we may participate and invest at that stage.

Who owns the ideas and work developed/produced?

Your company owns everything. We structure any development as work for hire and irrevocably assign copyrights and other claims to your company.

What happens after my prototype / MVP / initial project is launched?

This is when the fun part begins. We'll work closely with you to monitor usage, collect feedback, do A / B testing, etc. to perfect your product and demonstrate some traction. Meanwhile, we'll prepare you to pitch to investors, hand-pick a selection of investors from our network, and start making introductions with the goal of raising funds.

Why wouldn't I just use an agency for my development needs?

As responsible founders, we hope you explore every avenue available to your company.

There are two main benefits of Startup Innovation Labs over web/app agencies. First is the cost factor: our startups receive access to high-end talent at a tiny fraction of the price an agency would charge. Second is the attention factor: we truly see ourselves as your co-founders and want to work together to make your company succeed. An agency completes the assigned project and that's the end. We're in it for the long-haul and provide access to many resources that an agency simply cannot, such as advice, mentors, a network of investors and accelerators, etc.

Have a Business Idea?

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