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Case Study

Health-Tracking Mobile App for Your Skin

Skinary is a skin-dairy mobile app to help people understand the health of their skin and how their daily decisions affect it. Skinary’s goal is to provide its users with an easy way to improve their skin based on science and research.

Health & Fitness
Branding & Content, UI / UX
Case Study

Subscription E-Commerce Platform

A unique e-commerce shop for lovers of fresh vegetables and fruits. Shoppers can buy immediately or subscribe to weekly or monthly deliveries directly from their favorite local farm.

UI / UX, Web Development
Case Study

Social Media App for Recreational Sports

A comprehensive CRM for university and city recreation departments manage all of their sports leagues, from team management and payments to scoring and communication. Key clients included UCLA, UC Berkeley, Stanford, and many more.

Social Media
App Development, Branding & Content, UI / UX, Web Development
Case Study

Streaming Platform for Religious Organizations

Multi-faith solution for spiritual leaders and religious organizations. Allows users to easily find inspirational leaders, follow their content, and contribute donations to their cause.

App Development, UI / UX
Case Study

Secondary Ticket Marketplace

Justus Tickets is an exclusive marketplace just for fans and the artists they love. A place where they can support each other by buying and selling concert tickets without commercial resellers.

Media & Entertainment
Branding & Content, UI / UX
Case Study

Next-Gen Smart Sprinkler Controller

The ultimate solution for the perfect yard. Owners can manage watering schedules, track sensor data, and keep their garden looking its best all from the comfort of our redesigned app interface.

Internet of Things
App Development, UI / UX, Web Development

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