About the Program

Our Goal

Disruptive Labs gets tech startups off the ground fast. Our incubator gives exceptional founders with ambitious projects the help they need to launch their platform or product and seek funding for the next phase of growth. We get involved at the earliest stages by providing the high-quality development and expansive connections startups need to be successful. Our goal is to turn your startup into a scalable and successful company.

The Benefits

We are the co-founder you've been looking for. Our extensive experience will help mitigate the many complex challenges that come with launching and scaling a startup. You don't need to go it alone. And most importantly, we're in it for the long-haul. We're part of your team and will continue to provide the support you need to scale, raise funds, and much more for the life of the company and beyond.

The most obvious benefit that our startups receive is access to our high-end development services at massively discounted rates. Creating the website, app, or other digital product needed for launch is one of the first major obstacles that startups encounter. We take care of this complex part of the business without breaking the bank by acting as your tech co-founder and developing your product in an efficient and effective manner. We work with you to decide on the budget and scope of the initial prototype or MVP and perform all of the design and development tasks required to create the best product possible for launch. We then help you track usage, collect feedback, and iterate on the initial concepts to better optimize the product and generate traction.

In addition to help with development, our startups get access to devoted co-founders with extensive knowledge and experience. Many entrepreneurs quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions required to launch a company, and having reliable advice to count on is vital. We offer a wealth of information and advice to help you navigate all the tricky aspects of your business. From developing a go-to-market strategy to determining how to allocate funds to deciding when to hire, we've done it before and can help you make the best decisions possible for your company. And we'll continue to do that as your company grows and matures.

And, of course, our startups get access to our amazing network of mentors and partners. A well-versed and diverse board of advisors is pivotal for a growing startup, and we can connect you with some of the best mentors and advisors around LA. And once your product is out on the market, we work with you to nail your investor pitch and introduce you to carefully selected investors from our network. In the startup world, it's all about connections, and by taking advantage of our expansive network, you dramatically increase your chances of scaling your company and getting funded.

The Program

At Disruptive Labs, we want to make sure founders spend their time doing what they do best and focusing on the company's growth. We take the product development off your plate and offer advice on how to focus your other efforts, and we're there through the ups and downs. With that in mind, each startup's experience is different as it is tailored to their needs and goals, but we can give you an idea of how things "typically" progress.

Given the early stages of most of our startups, we generally start by focusing on the company's branding as well as the basic design considerations of their website, app, or other product. We review the company name, logo, color scheme, and much more as we nail down the company's identity. Then, we map out all of the pages required for the product to better understand the scope of the project and the functionalities that will be necessary. At this stage, we typically sit down together to decide on the core pages and features that will make up the initial prototype or MVP. The goal is to focus our efforts and avoid wasting time and money developing features that can be added at a later time. Then comes the design phase. Each page is carefully wireframed and combined into a clickable wireframe prototype that can be used for demoing and feedback. Once everything is finalized, we go into production and develop the final product. But development doesn't end on launch day. When user feedback starts rolling in, we assist in determining modifications to the product that would increase adoption and demonstrate traction to investors.

In parallel, we typically sit down with our founders and review the go-to-market strategy, sales materials, pitch decks, and other business details. We help assemble a board of advisors from our network of mentors and partners, and we encourage our founders to start building relationships with a selection of hand-picked investors. That way, the company will be ideally positioned once it's actually time to raise funds. And when that time rolls around, Disruptive Labs may join in the round and invest as well.

The Background

We founded Disruptive Labs to solve a dilemma that so many startup founders face: how to build an optimal product while minimizing costs and getting to market quickly. From past experience, the options are typically limited: either you try to build a tech team or you hire an agency. But both of these options are fraught with issues. Hiring a tech team requires paying hefty salaries and giving up large chunks of equity to attract top talent, and that's after countless hours spent recruiting, interviewing, and selecting candidates that truly believe in the company and long-term vision. And paying an agency requires large sums of cash and leaves the company without any internal tech experts that can build, tweak, or even just understand how the development costs are being spent.

Having fought through the difficulties of starting a company and building a product ourselves, we realized that by giving startups a way around these obstacles, we could allow some truly wonderful companies to flourish. That is the driving force behind why we do what we do. So many great ideas never get off the ground simply because of how hard it is to build a company and launch a product. We're here to change that and help our amazing founders build scalable and successful companies.