AI-Powered Virtual Healthcare

Intellivisit connects patients with local providers for the treatment of minor illness, using proprietary AI to provide an accurate diagnosis to the physician.

The Challenge

Intellivisit sought to overhaul customer acquisition

Like most startups, Intellivisit’s employees initially wore many hats. But once high growth kicks in, a single person is not enough to manage content, marketing, demos, and sales.

Intellivisit sought to free up the manager's time to focus on demos and sales, while revamping their customer acquisition efforts with more structure, tracking, and analysis.

The Solution

We began by rethinking positioning and branding

Having found product-market fit and refined the actual AI infrastructure, the company was finally ready to speed up growth. But having a somewhat outdated website with little information was not exactly ideal for a cutting-edge medical AI platform.

Together with the team, we revamped the overall positioning with a new color palette, typography, and a modern design to give the site a modern feel.

We then rebuilt the site to be responsive and fast

To ensure maximum benefit from the new design and meet a tight deadline for a trade show, in less than 6 days we rebuilt the entire website using modern technologies - namely Node.js and React.

This ensured the site was blazingly fast and responsive for all device sizes, with 5x decrease in the initial page load time compared to the old site! This in turn immediately decreased bounces and increased conversions.

Meanwhile, we broke down the sales funnel and targets...

To begin the process of revamping customer acquisition, we broke down the full Intellivisit funnel into stages and analyzed all the previous marketing and outreach efforts.

Combining this information with our extensive experience, we identified key bottlenecks and devised targeted A/B testing initiatives to increase conversions and allow for faster scaling to new markets.

...set up the necessary tracking tools...

We then sought to set up the necessary tools to test, measure and improve our hypothesis. In this case, we were targeting medical executives at hospitals and care centers using email as the initial medium - HubSpot was as a natural fit to start with low volumes.

Email delivery, open, and click rates were all set to be carefully monitored and tracking/analytics tools were added to custom landing pages to track conversions.

...and began sending out email campaigns

With a structured plan and appropriate monitoring tools in place, we started our email outreach. Soon, hundreds of emails were going out daily and landing in the inboxes of medical executives.

In little more than 3 weeks, we were able to improve open rates by more than 80% and reply rates by more than 250% and counting.

The Result

A completely revamped approach

In less than a couple of months, Intellivisit had an entirely revamped website and a clear trackable customer acquisition strategy. The benefits of these radical changes are still being realized and we continue to work closely with the Intellivisit team to further optimize and scale.

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