A Startup Studio aimed at moving society forward

We help mission-driven startups scale faster so that we can improve quality of life & increase life expectancy for billions of people.

We are extremely selective because we engage long term

Our team of growth hackers shares the mindset of the founders with whom we partner: determined, creative thinkers with an insatiable need to improve the world. We use a combination of Lean Startup and Agile methodologies and look for visionary entrepreneurs with whom to change life as we know it.

Early stage founders

We partner early. We join as a cofounder, helping you build a minimum viable product (MVP) and find product-market fit in a fraction of the time.

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Growth stage startups

We join young companies looking to scale. We specialize in go-to-market strategies, product optimization and setting up the right team and culture.

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We partner with world-class organizations to accelerate change, set up internal startup portfolios and scout revolutionary startups reshaping industries.

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What our founders say about us

“I feel like I’ve gotten a second MBA in being a founder.”

Nathan Ohler

Co-Founder @Nuooly

Proud of our founders

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Helpful Mentors always at your service

Meet the Mentors

William Hsu

Co-Founder, Partner

Mucker Capital

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Tracy Gray

Managing Partner

The 22 Fund

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Nick Kim


Crosscut Ventures

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