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Following impressive company growth, Financial Finesse sought to (i) optimize its product innovation process, (ii) revamp and launch an improved version of its platform, and (iii) accelerate its overall development process to meet customer needs.

Working directly with the management team, we first set up measurement and implementation plans to make sure business priorities would drive product decisions. That allowed us to set up the right tracking tools to capture the primary KPIs and improve conversions across the board.

Finally, we acted as Product Managers to help the team better coordinate, while driving UX / UI efforts and supporting with product development. We continue to work closely with the Financial Finesse team to further optimize and scale the product.


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What Financial Finesse says about us

"What's great about the entire Disruptive Labs team is that you are getting an extension of your team. They really become part of every conversation; part of the strategic planning; part of the execution. They are not just that channel that you hand things off to."

Nick LapworthGrowth ManagerFinancial Finesse

What we did

1. Measurement & implementation plans

Measurement Plan

Having historically used its website as a supporting tool to provide relevant financial information to its users, Financial Finesse’s platform had grown into an extensive collection of separate resources and calculators that needed reorganizing.

Together with the team, we set up a detailed Measurement Plan aimed at converting key business priorities into product features and KPIs. Such effort allowed the company to clearly convert business strategy into implementable product priorities.

Implementation Plan

Once agreed on a comprehensive Measurement Plan, we identified key business objectives to be prioritized. Such priorities were then compared with estimated development times for each piece of functionality to come up with a comprehensive Implementation Plan.

Such plan is currently driving development efforts while providing top management with a powerful management tool to monitor progress and drive innovation.

2. Analytics tools & KPIs

Advanced analytics

After analyzing Financial Finesse’s historical user data, we used a combination of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to set up advanced analytics. That allowed us to effectively track the progress of the KPIs identified in the Measurement Plan.

Using a combination of goals and event tracking, we identified key areas of improvement and devised targeted A/B testing initiatives to increase conversions and allow for easier navigation.


When necessary, we used Crazy Egg to set up heatmaps on specific pages. That allowed us to gather real-time data about which elements on each page got the most attention and which were being ignored.

We then used this information to guide design decisions and significantly improve UX and page conversions.

3. UX/UI & product development

UX/UI redesign

Having defined a structured plan and set up the appropriate monitoring tools, we worked with the team to improve the existing UI/UX and increase conversions.

Starting from the main navigation menu and the dashboard, we completely revamped the overall interface, placing more useful data at users’ fingertips and providing more intuitive and accessible access to the vast resources available.

Product development

Financial Finesse already had a strong development team internally, but maintaining and adding new features to such a large platform takes a lot of manpower. To help speed things up and tackle projects that weren’t yet getting attention, we provided additional developers and management to complement the Financial Finesse team.

Working closely with their CTO and developers, we took on chunks of work, big and small, and helped add new features and hit important deadlines. We continue to complete sprints and craft new functionality as an important part of the overall team.

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