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Nuooly is an exclusive community uniting and empowering Independent Professionals. Nuooly targets independent professionals who are business focused and have 8+ years of experience in their field.

minimum viable product
user acquisition
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Nuooly sought to find a cofounder to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and scale the initial community.

Launched by an independent attorney with over 25 years of experience in international trade, Nuooly had everything to gather significant interest from early users. Now it was all about execution.

After defining the top company goals, we immediately focused on creating a well structured user flow and a high-quality clickable wireframe to gather user feedback before writing a single line of code.

We then proceeded to develop the platform using Node.js, React, Docker, PostgreSQL and other technologies - all hosted on AWS with security, speed, and scalability in mind.

In less than two months, we were able to onboard the first few members and start testing different growth and engagement strategies, while meticulously tracking KPIs.


users in less than 1 month
MoM user engagement
decrease in page-load time

What Nuooly says about us

"They think like owners. They approach every problem like that. They talked themselves out of innumerable about of work to do something in a different way. And that truly builds a lot of trust."

Nathan OhlerCofounder & COONuooly

What we did

1. UX/UI and platform redesign

User flow prototyping

To minimize time-to-market, we started by mapping out the overall user flow. Together with the team, we then identified all the critical touch points in the user journey and used those to narrow down functionality for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

By using Miro, we then prototyped the detailed web flow to be used as a basis for the high-fidelity wireframes.

High-fidelity UX/UI wireframes

Using the user flow just created, we then proceeded to create high-fidelity UX/UI clickable wireframes (both for desktop and mobile) in Adobe XD to allow the team to gather feedback before writing a single line of code.

This allowed us to identify a workaround for the initial onboarding and save weeks of development time for more pressing features based on user feedback.

2. Product development

Backend scalability

Given the nature of the platform, we crafted a core backend API designed to handle multiple types of user accounts and scale up to large volumes of users quickly.

We used Node.js, PostgreSQL, Docker, and various other technologies and libraries together with the power of AWS to ensure a resilient, secure, and scalable platform.

Frontend flexibility and A/B testing

On the frontend, we focused on performance and flexibility to create a seamless experience for users and allow for consistent A/B testing over time.

Using React, CDNs, and a careful attention to performance, we were able to get initial page load times down to as little as 0.2s with subsequent page transitions and interactions virtually instantaneous.

3. User acquisition and engagement

Automated email reach out

While working on the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), we started setting up a go-to-market strategy based on a lead generation hack, a lot of email automation, landing pages and constant testing of key performance indicators (KPIs).

This allowed us to reach out to several high-profile independent professionals pre-launch and reach our goal of 100 alpha testers with a fully created profile in less than 3 weeks.

Engagement and experimentation

Once live with our group of alpha testers, the team started setting up weekly focus groups and experiments aimed at gathering feedback about functionality and ways to bring value on a day-to-day basis.

This led to a number of initiatives, including a fully functional Concierge Service, the ability to connect and network with other users, weekly webcasts and targeted content that generated a 400% MoM increase in user engagement during the alpha test.

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